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Read John 21

John 21 is the extra scene after the end credits. It stages for what comes next. The last scene is just the beginning for the future.

Jesus appears and asks a question that is layered with meaning “Have you caught any fish?”

Why are they fishing?

Peter leads them. They all follow to the boat and fish all night for nothing. Notice who is at the top of the list after Simon Peter? Thomas and Nathanael. Remember them?

Why are they fishing? Fishing:

Around the Fire:

Feed the Lambs:

Have we caught any fish?

Have we caught any fish? Do we love Jesus?
Have you caught any fish? Do you love Jesus?

Our answer to these questions shapes the way the story goes from here on out. “Jesus also did many other things.” Will he do many other things among us? The sermon is yours ...

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Morning Sermon, 24 May 2009

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