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Three purposes of service:
1. Profess that Christ is the head of this congregation and that he appoints leaders for the church.
2. Praise God for providing leaders for the sake of the church.
3. Petition God for his blessing on the relationship of the new shepherds and the congregation.
4. Proclaim our hope in moving forward under our new and renewed spiritual leadership.

Order of the Service:

Worship Leader – Brent Evans
103 – He Has Made Me Glad
238 – You Are The Song That I Sing

Welcome – Chris Benjamin – Reading Philippians 2:5-11 [Christ is Lord] - Congregation responds: "Amen"
577 – We Bow Down (vs. 1, 2)
578 – We Will Glorify (vs. 1, 2, 4)
In Christ Alone (on screen)

Communion Prayers – Jake Odell

704 – Bind Us Together
Coins for Christ – (No Children’s Worship)

Scripture Reading – 1 Peter 5:2-7 [Race Burns]

Reaffirming Our Shepherds

705 – A Common Love
[The five new elders and the seven current will come to the front pews during this song.]

Commitment of New Elders- A Pledge of Servant Leadership
[Benjamin will ask the new elders to move onto the stage]

God has spoken graciously through his church calling you to tend his sheep. You are being asked to assume the responsibilities of shepherd, overseer, and elder.

Response: "With God’s help we will."

Read John 13:1-17 - [The current elders will now join the new five and present them with the “servant towels.”]

As a reminder of the Lord’s example of servant leadership, we offer you this small symbolic token of this day for your encouragement. This is a towel embroidered with the words of Jesus. We hope it serves as a reminder of Christ’s grace to you, your commitment before God and our support of your oversight.

Russ McConnell will lead a Prayer of Blessing.
During Russ’ prayer, the “current elders” will be laying their hands on the “new five” – a gesture that demonstrates the sharing of God’s spirit and their affirmation as elders.
[After this prayer, all assembled on the lower stage may return to the pews.]

Part 3 - A Pledge of Support: The Commitment of the Congregation

Scripture Reading - Hebrews 13:17 [Tanner Robbins]

Church, our worship today confesses our belief that God has called these men to shepherd our congregation. Our actions from this point forward ought to reflect that belief and it requires commitment on our part.

Brothers and sisters ...

If you so agree and pledge, then I ask you to affirm by saying: “With God’s help we will!”

Prayer of blessing for the church:
[Kevin Hesslen will ask God to help us live up to this commitment.]

Invitation for Responses

Song for Responses
448 – Greatest Commands

Sending Out Prayer – Bill Dickey
[Bill will thank the congregation for participating in the reaffirmation and charge us to go out in service to Christ.]

Chris Benjamin

West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
Morning Sermon, 7 March 2010

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