Study Guide

by David Chadwell

Jesus presented in comparative terms: (Each comparison was intended to teach specific lessons about Jesus.)

The beneficial roles of Jesus: (Each concept is given to help us understand specific ways in which Jesus can provide us with benefits that we need.)

Jesus declared in abstract concepts: (Abstract concepts are given to create insights to reveal understandings that go beyond the obvious. With each of these words or phrases, write the insight or understanding you think the writer was teaching us about Jesus.)

Scriptures that focus on Jesus and are deserving of special study: (Read and think about these scriptures frequently before they are discussed in class.)

The relationship between Christ and the church:

Christians as the church must not assume the position or role of Jesus Christ in any matter. We must never (individually or collectively) preempt Jesus Christ's role.

Neither the church throughout the world or the local congregation is ever the:

Christians as the church can assist Jesus Christ in all these matters by belonging to Jesus, revealing Jesus, and reflecting Jesus. The church dare not function as though we were Jesus.

David Chadwell

Discovering Jesus Study Guide
Wednesday evening Bible class, beginning 25 June 1997
West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR
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