Feeding Lambs Of Christ Knowledge

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We at West-Ark consider it pure joy to be able to share God’s Word with the children and want to make their learning experience as enjoyable and educational as possible so that each child will leave The FLOCK better equipped to continue his or her journey toward service for the Great Shepherd.

To accomplish that goal, we are beginning a new method of teaching beginning September 4, 2005. This method is called the Workshop Rotation Model. The primary goals of this model are to spark the interest of each and every child and to increase retention. This is accomplished by using several different methods of teaching (we all learn in different ways!) and through repetition.

Every five weeks in The FLOCK, we will begin a new rotation which will consist of a Celebration Sunday (an introduction of the lesson to be taught) followed by four weeks of Workshops which will teach the same lesson. Each age group (3 year olds, 4 year olds, kindergarten and 1st grade) will visit each of the workshops once during each rotation. Therefore, after five weeks, each child will have been introduced to the lesson and will have been taught that lesson in four different ways. This process will then be repeated for the next rotation. Each age group will have their own shepherd(s) who will be with them every Sunday morning and each group will have their own name. Their group name will give them 3 ways to remember which is their group—name, color and shape (e.g., 3 Year Olds = Happy Hearts). On Wednesday nights, the children will be divided up into 2 groups (3 & 4 year olds and kindergarten & 1st grade) and will visit additional workshops.

Our prayer is that The FLOCK will be nothing but a blessing to your child and your entire family for many years to come!

God’s richest blessings on you all,

The FLOCK Planning Team

Staci James ss_james@sbcglobal.net
Dena Jenkins dena@jenkinssite.com
Melody Priester ody9200@hotmail.com

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Because we know that you know your child better than anyone, we want to maintain open communication with you, so that we can partner together in teaching them about God. To this end, we ask that you please complete and turn in the FLOCK Registration Form. It will only take a few minutes of your time to print this form to paper and fill it out. This information will be critical to us in maintaining communication with you, keeping your child safe, and in helping us build relationships with your child.

Feeding  Lambs  Of  Christ  Knowledge

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