compiled by Martha Walker



Place of Shower:
[if church building, make reservation]

Choice of Colors:

Honoree Registered:

Church Bulletin Announcement:

Gift from Hostesses:         Individual           Group

Order Corsage(s) for Bride or Mother-To-Be, Mother(s), Grandmother(s)

Tables needed:             Chairs needed:

Arrange for tablecloths for serving tables, gifts, displayed gifts:

Refreshments:  Punch, cookies, nuts, mints
        Cake:        Kind:           Order:
        Cookies:        Number:        Order / Homemade
        Nuts & mints:         Amount needed:

Arrangement for centerpiece:

Napkins/doilies:                Number needed:
Plates & cups for punch:        Number needed:
Silverware:                     Number needed:
Bowls for nuts and mints:
Serving spoons:
Punch bowl & ladle:

Arrange for time to decorate and set up tables and chairs:

Needed at Shower:  Bags for Giftwrap; Holder for Bows; Scissors;
                   Record for Gifts Received; sign-in; pen; _____

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