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I AM ...

... the Good Shepherd
John 10:11

... the Light of the World
John 8:12

... the Bread of Life
John 6:35

Chapter Events in John

Chapter             Events
  1.   Prologue; John the Baptist points out Jesus and his disciples follow Jesus
  2.   Marriage at Cana; Cleansing the Temple
  3.   Nicodemus and the New Birth
  4.   Woman at the Well and Living Water
  5.   Healing the Lame Man at Bethesda; Jesusí Deity
  6.   Feeding Five Thousand and the Bread of Life
  7.   Feast of Tabernacles and Living Water
  8.   Sermon on Light of the World; Abrahamís True Seed
  9.   Healing of Man Born Blind
  10.   The Door of the Sheep; The Good Shepherd
  11.   Resurrection of Lazarus
  12.   Mary Anoints Jesus; Triumphal Entry
  13.   Jesus Washes Disciplesí feet
  14.   Many Mansions; The True Way
  15.   The True Vine; True Friends of Jesus
  16.   The Work of the Holy Spirit
  17.   The High Priestly Prayer
  18.   The Betrayal, Arrest and Trials
  19.   The Crucifixion
  20.   The Resurrection
  21.   Disciples Go Fishing and See Jesus; Peter Strengthened; The Epilogue

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