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... but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God,
and that believing you may have life in His name.
  John 20:31

Lesson 2, John 2

    His Glory (John 2:1-11)
  1. A sign points to something beyond itself to something greater. Tell of Jesus' first sign.

    Master of

    What was the result?

  2. How did Jesus respond when His mother told Him they had no wine? Why did Jesus give this answer?

    When is His hour? See John 12:23 and 17:1.

  3. Jesus' mother did not tell Jesus what to do. She merely stated the problem. The servants obeyed Jesus as if He were their master. What can we learn from their examples?

  4. What was unusual about the wine Jesus made from water?

    What does verse 11 say are the significances of this sign?

  5.   Jesus went to Cana as a guest at a wedding, but soon provided as if He were a host.
    How does this apply to your life? How has Jesus been invited into your home?

    His Zeal (John 2:12-22)

  6. Why were oxen, sheep and pigeons being sold and money being changed at the Jewish temple?
    See Numbers 28:16-25.

  7. What offended Jesus? What should have been going on in the Court of the Gentiles?

  8. A lucrative business at the temple had become accepted and expected by the Jews. What does this indicate about the spiritual condition of the nation?

      Discuss some acceptable things in our society that do not bring glory to God and thus prevent us from being a light to the world. How can we constructively use our zeal to "cleanse the temple?"

  9. What prophecy did this incident bring to the minds of Jesus' disciples?

  10. The Jews wanted Jesus' credentials of authority for doing this. Write Jesus' answer to the Jews.

    Why were the Jews perplexed by this answer?

    At what time did the disciples finally comprehend what Jesus meant by His answer to the Jews?

    His Knowledge (John 2:23-25)

  11. Why did many believe in the name of Jesus?

  12.   What are some of the things that have caused you to believe in the name of Jesus? How do you share these with others to help build their faith?

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