Copyright © 2002, by John Lankford, Fort Smith, Arkansas

      Recent information shows that water is on Mars. Since water is a main ingredient of life on earth, it is proof-positive in the minds of many that life is on Mars. And having life on Mars worries many Bible believers because they feel that only the earth is where God put living things. But look at this closer:

  1. Water is the main stuff of life here. How do we know water has the same importance there on Mars? Alien life may be literally "alien" to the composition of earth-life. The whole "proof-of-life" argument assumes that the recipe for life "out there" is the same as it is for earth and is a sure case of "jumping-to-the-conclusion."

  2. What if the water was analyzed and tiny, microscopic life-forms were found? It is possible that those "bugs" could be ours and not be "from Mars." Recent studies have shown that the earth itself sends out a lot of space dust, etc. Over a span of time, spores, etc., might have reached Mars. In fact, studies on the recently much publicized "meteorites-from-Mars-containing-life" have shown that the life is probably some of "our bugs" returning from a space trip. So, finding microscopic life-forms on Mars could just as well prove that such forms that live on earth can live on Mars. This is not quite what the "Life on Mars!!" statement had in mind.

  3. Does Genesis really teach that life only exists on earth or does it show us that on earth a being was created that bore the image of God Is the focus of Genesis "out there" or here? Would the finding of true Martian life militate in any way against one message of Genesis that the cosmos was made as a gift and aid to man?

      This article was written because (1) some have believed Media hype that it is a proven-fact that life is on Mars, and (2) some are nervous about how this finding affects our confidence in Genesis.

      The article was purposely written without documentation or chemistry jargon. A more detailed discussion is available if there are any questions.

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