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Ladies, butterfly wings butterfly wings
if you are free on
Tuesday mornings, come join

(Women IN God's Service)

for Bible study

  Childcare will be provided.  

Classes begin at 9:30 on most Tuesday mornings.

Come at 9 o'clock for coffee and fellowship!

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Wednesday Night WINGS
at 7 p.m.

Leaders/Facilitators: Christy Puckett, Glenda Lewis,
Meg Canfield, and Pat Campbell

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What is WINGS?

      WINGS (Women IN God's Service) is a ministry of the West-Ark Church of Christ overseen by the Elders. It is a weekly Bible study and devotional time that draws women from the congregation and from the community. The goals of the WINGS Ministry are to seriously study God's Word, love and encourage each member of the class, and to reach out to help the community with monthly projects that will bring glory to God. To support the goal of loving encouragement, we sponsor monthly potluck lunches at the building and the "Lunch Bunch" for women who choose to go out to lunch together after weekly classes.
      In addition, we've noticed that the women who are involved in WINGS usually develop close friendships which extend into their daily lives. These loving, generous Christian women volunteer to help each other with prayer, meals, and childcare. Clearly, what begins as a weekly Bible study often extends into close friendships and life of service beside other Christian women.

This Tuesday morning weekly class is a great opportunity for fellowship, study, service and evangelism.  Quality child care will be provided for "Little WINGS" from  9 AM until 2 PM for mothers regularly attending class.

Link to Jeannie Cole's WINGS lectures.


"Minor Prophets"
Spring 1998

"Burning Hearts"
A Study of Christ in Prophecy
5 Jan - 9 Mar 1999

"The Study of Romans"
4 Jan - 21 Mar 2000

"Women in the Bible"
28 Mar - 16 May 2000

"The Majesty of Christ"
A Study of Hebrews
2 Jan - 27 Mar 2001

"I Want to Be a Worker for the Lord"
10-24 Apr 2001

10 Sep - 1 Oct 2002

9 Sep - 14 Oct 2003

"That You May Believe"
The Gospel of John
Spring 2005

19 Sep - 5 Dec 2006

"What is Old is New Again"
A Study of Genesis


2011-2012 WINGS Direction Team

West-Ark Church of Christ
900 North Waldron Road
Fort Smith, AR  72903
(479) 452-1240


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