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      The last week in June of 2005, a test was routinely run in an attempt to determine the source of some reoccurring balance problems. The test revealed that the part of my brain that controls muscle activity/coordination was shrinking. A little over a month later the situation was diagnosed as spinocerebellar atrophy #8. The cause cannot be treated or reversed. The symptoms then and currently center in speech, balance, and stamina issues.
      For numerous reasons including my increased difficulty in oral projection, I ceased doing pulpit preaching the evening of June 4, 2006. We currently have no plans to leave Fort Smith. At the moment I am slower than I used to be, but am functional. Were it not for my slurred speech and unsteady walk, you might think there was little wrong with me.
      For a deeper discussion of my illness and the adjustments to it, you may wish to read The Unexpected Journey (2005-2010).
      I am producing material that is posted on my web site [] and the congregation's web site. The material is free for anyone to use as a resource for personal thought and reflection.
      Your prayers and encouragements are deeply appreciated.
      David Chadwell
"... out of the storeroom new treasures as well as old." Matthew 13:52

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